New Product Design

We perform as a seamless extension of our customers’ internal design capabilities. Getting involved early in the product development process and working closely with their own design team and product managers, we work intensively to exceed customers’ goals and time-to-market expectations.

Our development process and capabilities

When you partner with SONECO for new product introduction projects, you can benefit from the well-defined tasks and objectives for each phase of development, which allow us to concentrate on solving challenging product issues without having to reinvent the process. In order to be responsive to customers’ product design needs, we established an advanced technology development capabilities for building in solutions that lower costs throughout the product’s life cycle.


Electronics Design Stages          


 I. Research 

1. Understanding of project parameters

  • Gaining information and solid understanding of projects applications specifics
  • Organizing meetings with client’s staff to identify and document all functional requirements and needs

2. Technological approaches research

  • Formulating and selecting the optimum development path
  • Zeroing in on innovative product design and engineering solutions

3. Cost analysis (Design and Production)

  • Evaluation and cross reference of functional specifications of the bill of materials formulating innovative view

4. Preliminary product development schedule


 II. Product Definition / Specifications 

1. Creating product direction and innovative concepts

  • Formulating and prioritizing collected data with the requirements and characteristics

2. Defining electrical/mechanical specifications

  • Defining all design, engineering, manufacturing, configurations

3. Finalizing project/product cost and schedule


III. Design and Innovation Stage 


1. Schematics and PCB layout design

  • Digital & Micro processor circuits
  • Analog and RF circuits design
  • Embedded systems design
  • Wired interfaces circuits design
  • Color TFT Display control circuits

2. Production of engineering prototypes

  • Ordering of PCB and BOM
  • Assembly of the components

3. Firmware/software design

  • Expertise on 8, 16, and 32-bit Microcontrollers manufactured by Microchip Inc
  • Focused experience on controlling and processing data from/to GSM, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi modules, analog and digital sensors and actuators, wired and wireless protocols, controlling Color TFT Displays

IV. Integration and Implementation Stage


  1. Software/Hardware Integration
  2. Pre-production prototypes
  3. Testing and final integration
  4. Specifications verification
  5. Finalizing Engineering documentation
  6. Demonstration and final discussions with the customer

V. Pilot Production Stage

  1. Preparing manufacturing documentation
  2. Cost optimization
  3. Design verification and Life tests
  4. Agency approvals

VI. Post Production Support and Upgrades

  1. ECR/ECO, product changes and upgrades
  2. Technical assistance